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7 Key Areas of Home Inspection

Our systematic approach ensures your home is thoroughly inspected by dividing into 7 key areas.


The entire structure of the home is only visible during construction.  Once the home is finished, most of its structure is buried below the ground or hidden in the walls.  Not all problems are visible.  However, a well trained home inspector learns to inspect these hidden structures by looking at clues to what is going on under the surface.  We look for condition of materials, deterioration, settling, cracking, moisture penetration, insulation, ventilation of the following:


Basement / crawl space



Roof Trusses


The exterior is inspected for condition, safety hazards and major concerns of the following:

Driveway, sidewalks, patios

Siding, trim

Doors & windows


Grading and vegetation


The roof is inspected for condition and signs of water penetration for the following:

Roofing material / shingles / metal

Flashings & Valleys

Skylights, Vents


Gutters & downspouts


Virtually every space within the living area is inspected with the interior.  We inspect for condition, major defects and safety hazards of the following:

Walls, ceilings & floors

Interior stairways & balconies

Counters & cabinets

Doors & windows

Fireplaces    (includes Carbon Monoxide CO test)


The plumbing is inspected for condition of materials, supports, functional flow, leaks, cross connections for the following:

Faucets & fixtures (tubs, showers, toilets, sinks)

Drains, waste and vent system

Hot water system

Fuel / gas lines    (includes combustible gas leak detection test)

Sump pumps


The electrical system is inspected for condition, proper amperage and voltage rating, polarity and grounding, major deficiencies and safety hazards for the following:

Main service panel & subpanels

Switches & receptacles

Conductors and breakers


Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The permanently installed heating and A/C systems are inspected for condition, normal operating controls, automatic safety controls, chimneys, flues, vents, pipes, fans, ducts, supports, dampers, insulation, air filters, registers for the following:

Furnaces    (includes Carbon Monoxide CO test)


Air conditioners

Heat pumps

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